Briala da Silva

Briala da Silva, Global Yoga Teacher, Lancaster, PA

Briala Da Silva’s journey began with the simple reverence of finding easy and peace in life. The beginning of this journey was steeped in a love for all that allows a return to natural, functional movement and what creates a true balance of strength and flexibility. Her decades of studentship expanded into the study of the essence SELF as experienced through the flow of the breath, the wisdom vs illusions of the mind and the awakening of the soul journey we are all on. Briala’s dedicated path has taken her around the world in study under master teachers resulting in her unique voice, an amazing alchemy of her knowledge, daily practice and over 30,000 hours of retreat, workshop, one-on-one teaching and more. She is blessed to share her knowledge speaking to all levels and offering a practice which emanates from within her love for all beings.