Aware Community


Mastering the Shoulder: Anatomy and Application of shoulder mechanics in an Asana practice.

Sensei Derek Cook, Brooklyn, NY

Our shoulders are incredibly complex and can easily be a source of connection and strength or a weak joint that is poorly utilized or injured through the repetition in our practice. Join biomechanist and asana teacher ‘Sensei’ Derek Cook as he discusses and dives into the intricate actions of the shoulder girdle. You will learn how the body is built and works in order to more effectively and safely move through your practice. Through lecture, asana, and discussion, you will get a thorough experience of applying knowledge into sustainable practice. Flow between asana practice and discussion – using the time on the mat to explore and integrate your learning.

Fatigue to Fabulous – The Secrets to Boundless Energy & Vitality

Kay Corpus, Owensboro, KY

Unrelenting exhaustion may be a sign of a medical condition or underlying illness, however once physical causes of fatigue have been ruled out (a crucial first step), many conventional medical practitioners simply diagnose their patients with mild depression and reach for the prescription pad. But is this condition really depression—or just depletion?


Briala da Silva, Lancaster, PA

Opening Session: Setting our intention (sankalpa) is a practice of directing our wisdom toward what we want to realize and be most open to in life. Through the yoga of breath and sound, we will join all of our energies together to powerfully charge each of our intentions for the day. Learn how your practice can go off the mat and into your life. All Levels.

Candlelight Finale: All of life is created and sustained through the balance of the Yin and Yang energies of life. So why are so many yoga classes “YANGing your brains out”? Am I contributing to the unnecessary wearing out of my body vs opening up of space to eliminate aches and pains? Am I creating true wellness and health? These are the questions we will explore in this practice of energy, movement, mind and breath. Come experience how true bliss feels! All Levels.


Anatomy of Breath

Alex Holmes, Philadelphia, PA

Most of us are not aware of the power of breath until our yoga practice draws our attention to this automatic yet extraordinary process. We can live weeks without food, days without water, but only minutes without breath. Of our 23,000 breaths per day, how many of them do we fully receive? It happens without thinking, yet we can exert our consciousness upon it. In this workshop we will examine the 3 dimensional shape change that occurs with breathing, and it’s affect on our physiology and emotional state. Learn through lecture and then physically experience this expanded awareness with a physical asana practice designed to prep the body for conscious, expanded breath ending in a pranayama (breathing practice) to integrate your breath for life and yoga.

Rocking & Harmonics

Jean-Jacques Gabriel, Philadelphia, PA

In the therapeutic practice of AcroYoga and Thai massage, harmonics is a subtle and continuous rocking that creates the possibility of release. The therapeutic power of rocking has root in the universal human experience of time in maternal wombs, sloshing around in amniotic fluid. Come explore rocking and harmonics in thai massage, and therapeutic flying, seeing just how far we can release and let go of tension and resistance. Our massage will be guided with careful instructions, and our flights will have the same guidance and the support of spotter to ensure safety. No partner or experience necessary for this all levels offering. Bring a yoga mat and a blanket or two.

Collective Consciousness Rising

Sky Society, aka DJ Juany Santos, New York, NY

Join us for the culmination of Aware, a collective experience of high-vibration music from Sky Society – DJ Juany Santos and a stirring practice led by Alex Holmes, Jean-Jacques Gabriel, and Derek Cook. Move, flow, and connect your vibe to our Aware tribe as we celebrate a community in mindful movement and deep play. Bring your mat to our 90 minute finale and enjoy an experience for every level of ability.

Being Present: Lessons from a Kid’s Yoga Mat to Inspire Your Life

Christyn Schroeder, Medford, MA

Children are often times our greatest teachers. They can illustrate the lessons of yoga in a way that is clear and immediate. Drawing from Christyn’s over 20 years of teaching to children and adults, this workshop will give you clear and accessible ways to respond directly to challenges by acknowledging clear messages from the body. From the inspiration of children, you will learn to be more present in your life.

5 Pillars of Baptiste Yoga

Lisa Taylor, Lancaster, PA

Drishti (gaze,focus or concentration) , UJJAYI (breath), FOUNDATION (core, hands, feet), TAPAS (heat) and VINYASA (flow) are universal building blocks to any pose, in any practice. Creating your practice through the 5 Pillars gives you access to the experience of a pose settling into every cell of your body leaving you with a sense of powerful balance as the result.Who is it for: This will be a powerful physical class customizable and appropriate for all levels.


Kelly Morris
Style: Yin

Monica Kirchner
Style: Slow Flow 

Monica has been teaching yoga since 2004. She began teaching in gyms and fitness centers. After five years she had the opportunity to open her own studio. In May 2009 she began Bridge Yoga Studio. Monica believes that yoga is really for EveryBody. She teaches Vinyasa flow, Slow flow, Restorative and Chair yoga.

The class flows but we hold poses longer to help find better alignment. All levels welcome.

Lisa Oplinger
Style: Ethos Vinyasa Flow

Lisa Oplinger is a 200 hour E-RYT and Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher that trained right here in Lancaster and is now co-founder/owner of Ethos Fitness up in Carlisle, Pa. With a light-hearted energy, Lisa brings fun, adventure, and discovery to her yoga classes – while also providing a supportive space for people to explore their personal practice.

In a special “Ethos” flow, experience our trademark fun-loving, uplifting, connected and supportive community vibe translated into a cooperative vinyasa adventure. Join Lisa and see how much stronger and more joyful we are when we ground ourselves, connect with others, and together create something greater . All levels welcome.

Philomena Behmer
Style: Vinyasa Basics with Bobbi Carmitchell  and Tammi Hessen 

Enjoy a guided and instructional vinyasa flow to begin to understand the essence of yoga movement and how it works in your body. Led by anatomy teacher and specialist, Philomena and accompanied by guitar and drums. All levels welcome.

Maricelle Sheldon
Style: Kundalini

Maricelle Sheldon (aka Nishan Adi Kaur) is a KRI certified Kundalini yoga instructor, certified addictions counselor and spiritual coach in Lancaster, PA. Infused with humor, direct cues and practical application she has led KY classes, workshops and retreats supporting students to release their trauma and walk their dharma. Maricelle fully believes that everyone is accessible to the benefits of yoga regardless of body size, age or perceived limitations.

SEEKERS WANTED. DIVE DEEP INTO YOUR SPIRITUAL LOVE. Just as each body, personality and practice is unique so is our personal spiritual experience of the Divine within. Through the ancient transformative technology of Kundalini Yoga we can elevate our consciousness and swim in the pool of Infinity which connects us to all that is. Maricelle will lead students in Kundalini yoga with pranayama, asanas, and the powerful vibration of mantra in meditation. Students can expect moderate movement and active meditation. All yogis from beginner to advanced welcome. Open heart and open mind suggested.

Alax Kemp
Style: Zoe Flow 

Alax is a Cloud Nine, Hawaiian Sanctuary 200RYT, founder of Zoe Yoga and manager of Zoetropolis Art House & Theater in downtown Lancaster. A Pennsylvania native, who was infected with wanderlust at an early age. After spending time teaching yoga in Steamboat Springs, Colorado ~ she returned inspired and invigorated to bring a more open and playful style of yoga to her practice in Lancaster city. She acquired her BA in psychology from MU, and has yet to find an office job as rewarding as the smiles and overall well being her classes offer her friends and students.

Jackie Dalheimer 

Jackie has Over 1,000 hours of teacher trainings and further education. 4 years – Life Coach | 9 yrs- Yoga Instructor | 44 years- school of life! Her expertise is in Alignment, assisting, speaking to her students’  hearts, keeping it real.

Yoga nidra (yogic sleep) is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping.  An ancient practice mentioned in the Mandukya Upanshads, yoga nidra takes the practitioner into a deep meditative state by quieting the often-overactive conscious mind through a series of guided imagery and body scanning techniques — one of the deepest possible states of bodily and mental relaxation while still maintaining full awareness.  Participants are encouraged to bring blankets and a pillow or meditation cushion. You will leave feeling invigorated, energized and at peace. All levels welcome.